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The Thayer Group for Women’s Care provides the highest quality care given with skill, kindness and compassion. Whether you are in need of a routine annual exam, or are experiencing minor health problems or complex medical and/or surgical issues, we would like to help you.

We are women’s health care specialists, which means we are highly skilled in our area of expertise. We see girls from late childhood through adolescence and women from teens through adulthood into menopause and geriatrics.

Here are some of the services we can offer you, your family and friends:

· Routine yearly exams, from first pelvic exams through the life span, including evaluation of general medical issues

· Providing general healthcare and cancer screenings (including screenings for uterine, cervical and ovarian cancer)

· Complete evaluation, diagnosis and ongoing follow-up and treatment of menopause and peri-menopause

· Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of hormonal imbalances

· Evaluation and treatment of PMS, menstrual irregularities, heavy vaginal bleeding, and painful menses

· Evaluation and treatment of pelvic pain and pain with intercourse

· Hormone therapies, including bio-identical
, “natural” hormones

· Confidential birth control counseling

· Providing all approved birth control methods, including the morning after pill, “Plan B”, and IUD

· In-office evaluation and treatment of abnormal paps

· Confidential STD counseling, testing and treatment

· Breast evaluations for such problems as masses, pain, lumps and discharge

· Early pregnancy diagnosis

· Pre-pregnancy planning with an experienced Certified Nurse Practitioner

· Heel density scans for osteoporosis (convenient in-office procedure)

· Gynecological and Level 1 early obstetric ultrasounds (available in-office)

· “Second Opinion” consultations

· Extensive menu of gynecologic surgeries

- Minimally invasive "Band Aid" surgeries, usually outpatient

· Numerous laparoscopic surgeries, including laparoscopic hysterectomy

- Newest Robotic surgery techniques, using the da Vinci Robot 

· Minor/in-office surgical procedures, such as endometrial biopsy, mini-D&C, colposcopy with biopsy, LEEP, sonohysterogram, and cryotherapy

· Early stage infertility care

· Health education programs, including smoking cessation

· Evaluation and treatment of endometriosis

· Evaluation and treatment of excess hair growth and other hormonal problems

· Reproductive and fertility evaluation

· Evaluation and treatment of urinary tract infections

· Evaluation and referral of urinary incontinence.

- Evaluation and treatment of prolapse and vaginal bulging